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Change(s) (of) - see also Removal of
arteriosclerotic - see Arteriosclerosis
cardiac pacemaker V53.31
bone 733.90
diabetic 250.8 [731.8]
due to secondary diabetes 249.8 [731.8]
in disease, unknown cause 733.90
bowel habits 787.99
cardiorenal (vascular) (see also Hypertension, cardiorenal) 404.90
cardiovascular - see Disease, cardiovascular
circulatory 459.9
cognitive or personality change of other type, nonpsychotic 310.1
color, teeth, tooth
during formation 520.8
extrinsic 523.6
intrinsic posteruptive 521.7
contraceptive device V25.42
cornea, corneal
degenerative NEC 371.40
membrane NEC 371.30
senile 371.41
coronary (see also Ischemia, heart) 414.9
chamber angle (anterior) (iris) 364.56
ciliary body 364.57
spine or vertebra (see also Spondylosis) 721.90
dental pulp, regressive 522.2
drains V58.49
wound V58.30
nonsurgical V58.30
surgical V58.31
fixation device V54.89
external V54.89
internal V54.01
heart - see also Disease, heart
hip joint 718.95
hyperplastic larynx 478.79
nasal sinus (see also Sinusitis) 473.9
turbinate, nasal 478.0
upper respiratory tract 478.9
inflammatory - see Inflammation
joint (see also Derangement, joint) 718.90
sacroiliac 724.6
Kirschner wire V54.89
knee 717.9
macular, congenital 743.55
malignant (M----/3) - see also Neoplasm, by site, malignant

Note14 For malignant change occurring in a neoplasm, use the appropriate M code with behavior digit/3 e.g., malignant change in uterine fibroidM8890/3. For malignant change occurring in a nonneoplastic condition (e.g., gastric ulcer) use the M code M8000/3.

mental (status) NEC 780.97
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