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Effect, adverse NEC
strangulation 994.7
submersion 994.1
teletherapy NEC 990
thirst 994.3
transfusion - see Complications, transfusion
ultraviolet (radiation) (rays) NEC 990
burn - see also Burn, by site
from sun (see also Sunburn) 692.71
dermatitis or eczema 692.82
due to sun NEC (see also Dermatitis, due to, sun) 692.70
uranium NEC 990
vaccine (any) - see Complications, vaccination
weightlessness 994.9
whole blood - see also Complications, transfusion
overdose or wrong substance given (see also Table of Drugs and Chemicals) 964.7
working environment V62.1
x-rays NEC 990
dermatitis or eczema 692.82
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