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Mieten's syndrome 759.89
Migraine (idiopathic) 346.9
Migrant, social V60.0
Migratory, migrating - see also condition
Mikulicz's disease or syndrome (dryness of mouth, absent or decreased lacrimation) 527.1
Milian atrophia blanche 701.3
Miliaria (crystallina) (rubra) (tropicalis) 705.1
Miliary - see condition
Milium (see also Cyst, sebaceous) 706.2
Milkers' nodes 051.1
Milk-leg (deep vessels) 671.4
Milkman (-Looser) disease or syndrome (osteomalacia with pseudofractures) 268.2
Milky urine (see also Chyluria) 791.1
Millar's asthma (laryngismus stridulus) 478.75
Millard-Gubler paralysis or syndrome 344.89
Millard-Gubler-Foville paralysis 344.89
Miller-Dieker syndrome 758.33
Miller's disease (osteomalacia) 268.2
Miller Fisher's syndrome 357.0
Milles' syndrome (encephalocutaneous angiomatosis) 759.6
Mills' disease 335.29
Millstone makers' asthma or lung 502
Milroy's disease (chronic hereditary edema) 757.0
Miners' - see also condition
Minkowski-Chauffard syndrome (see also Spherocytosis) 282.0
Minor - see condition
Minor's disease 336.1
Minot's disease (hemorrhagic disease, newborn) 776.0
Minot-von Willebrand (-Jürgens) disease or syndrome (angiohemophilia) 286.4
Minus (and plus) hand (intrinsic) 736.09
Miosis (persistent) (pupil) 379.42
Mirizzi's syndrome (hepatic duct stenosis) (see also Obstruction, biliary) 576.2
Mirror writing 315.09
Misadventure (prophylactic) (therapeutic) (see also Complications) 999.9
Misanthropy 301.7
Miscarriage - see Abortion, spontaneous
Mischief, malicious, child (see also Disturbance, conduct) 312.0
Mismanagement, feeding 783.3
Misplaced, misplacement
Misshapen reconstructed breast 612.0
Missing - see also Absence
Misuse of drugs NEC (see also Abuse, drug, nondependent) 305.9
Mitchell's disease (erythromelalgia) 443.82
Mitochondrial encephalopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke-like episodes (MELAS syndrome) 277.87
Mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal encephalopathy syndrome (MNGIE) 277.87
Mitral - see condition
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