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242 Thyrotoxicosis with or without goiter
neonatal thyrotoxicosis (775.3)
The following fifth-digit subclassification is for use with category 242:
0 without mention of thyrotoxic crisis or storm
1 with mention of thyrotoxic crisis or storm
242.0 Toxic diffuse goiter
Basedow's disease
Exophthalmic or toxic goiter NOS
Graves' disease
Primary thyroid hyperplasia
242.1 Toxic uninodular goiter
Thyroid nodule, toxic or with hyperthyroidism
Uninodular goiter, toxic or with hyperthyroidism
242.2 Toxic multinodular goiter
Secondary thyroid hyperplasia
242.3 Toxic nodular goiter, unspecified
Adenomatous goiter, toxic or with hyperthyroidism
Nodular goiter, toxic or with hyperthyroidism
Struma nodosa, toxic or with hyperthyroidism
Any condition classifiable to 241.9 specified as toxic or with hyperthyroidism
242.4 Thyrotoxicosis from ectopic thyroid nodule
242.8 Thyrotoxicosis of other specified origin
Overproduction of thyroid-stimulating hormone [TSH]
factitia from ingestion of excessive thyroid material
Use additional E code to identify cause, if drug-induced
242.9 Thyrotoxicosis without mention of goiter or other cause
Hyperthyroidism NOS
Thyrotoxicosis NOS
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