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660 Obstructed labor
Requires fifth digit; valid digits are in [brackets] under each code. See beginning of section 660-669 for definitions.
660.0 Obstruction caused by malposition of fetus at onset of labor
Any condition classifiable to 652, causing obstruction during labor
Use additional code from 652.0-652.9 to identify condition
660.1 Obstruction by bony pelvis
Any condition classifiable to 653, causing obstruction during labor
Use additional code from 653.0-653.9 to identify condition
660.2 Obstruction by abnormal pelvic soft tissues
Prolapse of anterior lip of cervix
Any condition classifiable to 654, causing obstruction during labor
Use additional code from 654.0-654.9 to identify condition
660.3 Deep transverse arrest and persistent occipitoposterior position
660.4 Shoulder (girdle) dystocia
Impacted shoulders
660.5 Locked twins
660.6 Failed trial of labor, unspecified
Failed trial of labor, without mention of condition or suspected condition
660.7 Failed forceps or vacuum extractor, unspecified
Application of ventouse or forceps, without mention of condition
660.8 Other causes of obstructed labor
Use additional code to identify condition
660.9 Unspecified obstructed labor
fetal NOS
maternal NOS
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