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663 Umbilical cord complications
Requires fifth digit; valid digits are in [brackets] under each code. See beginning of section 660-669 for definitions.
663.0 Prolapse of cord
Presentation of cord
663.1 Cord around neck, with compression
Cord tightly around neck
663.2 Other and unspecified cord entanglement, with compression
Entanglement of cords of twins in mono-amniotic sac
Knot in cord (with compression)
663.3 Other and unspecified cord entanglement, without mention of compression
663.4 Short cord
663.5 Vasa previa
663.6 Vascular lesions of cord
Bruising of cord
Hematoma of cord
Thrombosis of vessels of cord
663.8 Other umbilical cord complications
Velamentous insertion of umbilical cord
663.9 Unspecified umbilical cord complication
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