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779 Other and ill-defined conditions originating in the perinatal period
779.0 Convulsions in newborn
Fits in newborn
Seizures in newborn
779.1 Other and unspecified cerebral irritability in newborn
779.2 Cerebral depression, coma, and other abnormal cerebral signs
Cerebral ischemia NOS of newborn
CNS dysfunction in newborn NOS
cerebral ischemia due to birth trauma (767.0)
intrauterine cerebral ischemia (768.2-768.9)
intraventricular hemorrhage (772.10-772.14)
779.3 Feeding problems in newborn
Regurgitation of food in newborn
Slow feeding in newborn
Vomiting in newborn
779.4 Drug reactions and intoxications specific to newborn
Gray syndrome from chloramphenicol administration in newborn
fetal alcohol syndrome (760.71)
reactions and intoxications from maternal opiates and tranquilizers (763.5)
779.5 Drug withdrawal syndrome in newborn
Drug withdrawal syndrome in infant of dependent mother
fetal alcohol syndrome (760.71)
779.6 Termination of pregnancy (fetus)
Fetal death due to:
induced abortion
termination of pregnancy
spontaneous abortion (fetus) (761.8)
779.7 Periventricular leukomalacia
779.9 Unspecified condition originating in the perinatal period
Congenital debility NOS
Stillbirth NEC
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