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Back supports, L0621-L0861, L0960
Baclofen, J0475, J0476
Bacterial sensitivity study, P7001
 drainage, A4357
 irrigation supply, A4398
 urinary, A5112, A4358
Basiliximab, J0480
 chair, E0240
 stool or bench, E0245, E0247-E0248
 transfer rail, E0246
 wall rail, E0241, E0242
Battery, L7360, L7364-L7368
 charger, E1066, L7362, L7366
 replacement for blood glucose monitor, A4233-A4234
 replacement for cochlear implant device, L8623-L8624
 replacement for TENS, A4630
 ventilator, A4611-A4613
BCG live, intravesical, J9031
Beclomethasone inhalation solution, J7622
 air fluidized, E0194
 cradle, any type, E0280
 drainage bag, bottle, A4357, A5102
 hospital, E0250-E0270, E0300-E0329
 pan, E0275, E0276
 rail, E0305, E0310
 safety enclosure frame/canopy, E0316
 extremity, E0945
 ostomy, A4367
 pelvic, E0944
 safety, K0031
 wheelchair, E0978, E0979
Bench, bathtub (see also Bathtub), E0245
Benesch boot, L3212-L3214
Benztropine, J0515
Betadine, A4246, A4247
Betameth, J0704
Betamethasone acetate and betamethasone sodium phosphate, J0702
Betamethasone inhalation solution, J7624
Betamethasone sodium phosphate, J0704
Bethanechol chloride, J0520
Bevacizumab, J9035
Bicuspid (excluding final restoration), D3320
 retreatment, by report, D3347
 surgery, first root, D3421
Bifocal, glass or plastic, V2200-V2299
Bilirubin (phototherapy) light, E0202
Binder, A4465
Biofeedback device, E0746
Bioimpedance, electrical, cardiac output, M0302
Biperiden lactate, J0190
Bitewing, D0270-D0274
Bitolterol mesylate, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7628
Bitolterol mesylate, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7629
Bivalirudin, J0583
Bladder calculi irrigation solution, Q2004
Bleaching tooth, D3960
Bleomycin sulfate, J9040
 fresh frozen plasma, P9017
 glucose monitor, E0607, E2100, E2101
 glucose test, A4253
 granulocytes, pheresis, P9050
 ketone test, A4252
 leak detector, dialysis, E1560
 leukocyte poor, P9016
 mucoprotein, P2038
 platelets, P9019
 platelets, irradiated, P9032
 platelets, leukocytes reduced, P9031
 platelets, leukocytes reduced, irradiated, P9033
 platelets, pheresis, P9034
 platelets, pheresis, irradiated, P9036
 platelets, pheresis, leukocytes reduced, P9035
 platelets, pheresis, leukocytes reduced, irradiated, P9037
 pressure monitor, A4660, A4663, A4670
 pump, dialysis, E1620
 red blood cells, deglycerolized, P9039
 red blood cells, irradiated, P9038
 red blood cells, leukocytes reduced, P9016
 red blood cells, leukocytes reduced, irradiated, P9040
 red blood cells, washed, P9022
 strips, A4253
 supply, P9010-P9022
 testing supplies, A4770
 tubing, A4750, A4755
Blood collection devices accessory, A4257, E0620
Body jacket
 scoliosis, L1300, L1310
Body sock, L0984
Bond or cement, ostomy skin, A4364
 pelvic, E0944
 surgical, ambulatory, L3260
Bortezomib, J9041
Botulinum toxin type A, J0585
Botulinum toxin type B, J0587
Brachytherapy radioelements, Q3001
Breast prosthesis, adhesive skin support, A4280
Breast prosthesis, L8000-L8035, L8600
Breast pump
 accessories, A4281-A4286
 electric, any type, E0603
 heavy duty, hospital grade, E0604
 manual, any type, E0602
Breathing circuit, A4618
 recement, D6930
 repair, by report, D6980
Brompheniramine maleate, J0945
Budesonide inhalation solution, J7626, J7627, J7633, J7634
Buprenorphine hydrochloride, J0592
Bus, nonemergency transportation, A0110
Busulfan, J0594, J8510
Butorphanol tartrate, J0595
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