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Dacarbazine, J9130, J9140
Daclizumab, J7513
Dactinomycin, J9120
Dalalone, J1100
Dalteparin sodium, J1645
Daptomycin, J0878
Darbepoetin Alfa, J0881-J0882
Daunorubicin Citrate, J9151
Daunorubicin HCl, J9150
DaunoXome, see Daunorubicin citrate
Decitabine, J0894
Decubitus care equipment, E0180-E0199
Deferoxamine mesylate, J0895
Defibrillator, external, E0617, K0606
 battery, K0607
 electrode, K0609
 garment, K0608
Deionizer, water purification system, E1615
Delivery/set-up/dispensing, A9901
Denileukin diftitox, J9160
Dental procedures
 adjunctive general services, D9000-D9999
 alveoloplasty, D7310-D7320
 analgesia, D9230
 diagnostic, D0100-D0999
 endodontics, D3000-D3999
 implant services, D6000-D6199
 maxillofacial, D5900-D5999
 orthodontics, D8000-D8999
 periodontics, D4000-D4999
 preventive, D1000-D1999
 prosthodontics, fixed, D6200-D6999
 prosthodontics, removable, D5000-D5999
 restorative, D2000-D2999
Dentures, D5110-D5899
Depo-estradiol cypionate, J1000
Desmopressin acetate, J2597
Detector, blood leak, dialysis, E1560
Dexamethasone acetate, J1094
Dexamethasone sodium phosphate, J1100
Dexamethasone, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7637
Dexamethasone, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7638
Dexamethasone, oral, J8540
Dextran, J7100
 saline (normal), J7042
 water, J7060, J7070
Dextrostick, A4772
 dental services, D0100-D0999
 radiology services, R0070-R0076
Dialysate concentrate additives, A4765
Dialysate solution, A4728
Dialysate testing solution, A4760
 air bubble detector, E1530
 bath conductivity, meter, E1550
 chemicals/antiseptics solution, A4674
 disposable cycler set, A4671
 equipment, E1510-E1702
 extension line, A4672-A4673
 filter, A4680
 fluid barrier, E1575
 forceps, A4910
 kit, A4820
 pressure alarm, E1540
 shunt, A4740
 supplies, A4650-A4927
 thermometer, A4910
 tourniquet, A4910
 unipuncture control system, E1580
 venous pressure clamp, A4918
Dialyzer, A4690
Diaper, adult incontinence garment, A4520
Diaper, T1500, T4521-T4540
Diazepam, J3360
Diazoxide, J1730
Dicyclomine HCl, J0500
Diethylstilbestrol diphosphate, J9165
Digoxin immune fab (ovine), J1162
Digoxin, J1160
Dihydroergotamine mesylate, J1110
Dimenhydrinate, J1240
Dimercaprol, J0470
Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), J1212
Diphenhydramine HCl, J1200
Dipyridamole, J1245
 lower extremities, prosthesis, L5000-L5999
 upper extremities, prosthesis, L6000-L6692
Disposable supplies, ambulance, A0382, A0384, A0392- A0398
DMSO, J1212
Dobutamine HCl, J1250
Docetaxel, J9170
Dolasetron mesylate, J1260
Dome and mouthpiece (for nebulizer), A7016
Dopamine HCl, J1265
Dornase alpha, inhalation solution, unit dose form, J7639
Doxercalciferol, J1270
Doxil, J9001
Doxorubicin HCl, J9000, J9001
 bag, A4357, A4358
 board, postural, E0606
 bottle, A5102
Dressing (see also Bandage), A6020-A6406
 alginate, A6196-A6199
 collagen, A6020-A6024
 composite, A6200-A6205
 contact layer, A6206-A6208
 foam, A6209-A6215
 gauze, A6216-A6230, A6402-A6406
 holder/binder, A4462
 hydrocolloid, A6234-A6241
 hydrogel, A6242-A6248
 specialty absorptive, A6251-A6256
 transparent film, A6257-A6259
 tubular, A6457
Droperidol, J1790
 and fentanyl citrate, J1810
Dropper, A4649
Drugs (see also Table of Drugs)
 administered through a metered dose inhaler, J3535
 chemotherapy, J8500-J9999
 disposable delivery system, 5 ml or less per hour, A4306
 disposable delivery system, 50 ml or greater per hour, A4305
 immunosuppressive, J7500-J7599
 infusion supplies, A4230-A4232, A4221, A4222
 inhalation solutions, J7608-J7699
 not otherwise classified, J3490, J7599, J7699, J7799, J8499, J8999, J9999
 prescription, oral, J8499, J8999
Dry pressure pad/mattress, E0179, E0184, E0199
Durable medical equipment (DME), E0100-E1830, K Codes
Duraclon, see Clonidine
Dyphylline, J1180
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