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Ibandronate sodium, J1740
Ibutilide Fumarate, J1742
 cap, E0230
 collar, E0230
Idarubicin HCl, J9211
Idursulfase, J1743
Ifosfamide, J9208
Imiglucerase, J1785
Immune globulin
 Flebogamma, J1572
 Gammagard liquid, J1569
 Gamunex, J1561
 HepaGam B, J1571
 NOS, J1566
 Octagam, J1568
 Rhophylac, J2791
 Subcutaneous, J1562
Immunosuppressive drug, not otherwise classified, J7599
 access system, A4301
 aqueous shunt, L8612
 breast, L8600
 cochlear, L8614, L8619
 collagen, urinary tract, L8603
 ganciclovir, J7310
 hallux, L8642
 urinary tract, L8603, L8606
 infusion pump, programmable, E0783, E0786
 joint, L8630, L8641, L8658
 lacrimal duct, A4262, A4263
 maintenance procedures, D6080
 maxillofacial, D5913-D5937
 metacarpophalangeal joint, L8630
 metatarsal joint, L8641
 neurostimulator pulse generator, L8681-L8688
 not otherwise specified, L8699
 ocular, L8610
 ossicular, L8613
 osteogenesis stimulator, E0749
 percutaneous access system, A4301
 removal, dental, D6100
 repair, dental, D6090
 replacement implantable intraspinal catheter, E0785
 synthetic, urinary, L8606
 vascular graft, L8670
Implantable radiation dosimeter, A4650
Impregnated gauze dressing, A6222-A6230
 appliances and supplies, A4310, A4360, A5071-A5075, A5102-A5114, K0280, K0281
 treatment system, E0740
Indium IN-111 carpromab pendetide, A9507
Indium IN-111 ibritumomab tiuxetan, A9542
Indium IN-111 labeled autologous platelets, A9571
Indium IN-111 labeled autologous white blood cells, A9570
Indium IN-111 oxyquinoline, A9547
Indium IN-111 pentetate, A9548
Indium IN-111 pentetreotide, A9572
Indium IN-111 satumomab, A4642
Infliximab injection, J1745
 pump, ambulatory, with administrative equipment, E0781
 pump, heparin, dialysis, E1520
 pump, implantable, E0782, E0783
 pump, implantable, refill kit, A4220
 pump, insulin, E0784
 pump, mechanical, reusable, E0779, E0780
 pump, uninterrupted infusion of Epiprostenol, K0455
 supplies, A4221, A4222, A4230-A4232
 therapy, other than chemotherapeutic drugs, Q0081
Inhalation solution (see also drug name), J7608-J7699
Injections (see also drug name), J0120-J7320
 dental service, D9610, D9630
 supplies for self-administered, A4211
Inlay/onlay dental restoration, D2510-D2664
Insertion tray, A4310-A4316
Insulin, J1815, J1817
Alpha, J9212-J9215
Beta-1 a, J1825, Q3025-Q3026
Beta- 1 b, J1830
Gamma, J9216
 assist device with continuous positive airway pressure device, E0470-E0472
 limb compression device, E0676
 peritoneal dialysis system, E1592
 positive pressure breathing (IPPB) machine, E0500
Interphalangeal joint, prosthetic implant, L8658, L8659
Interscapular thoracic prosthesis
 endoskeletal, L6570
 upper limb, L6350-L6370
Intraconazole, J1835
Intraocular lenses, V2630-V2632
Intraoral radiographs, dental, D0210-D0240
Intrapulmonary percussive ventilation system, E0481
Intrauterine copper contraceptive, J7300
Iodine I-123 sodium iodide, A9509, A9516
Iodine I-125 serum albumin, A9532
Iodine I-125 sodium iodide, A9527
Iodine I-125 sodium iothalamate, A9554
Iodine I-131 iodinated serum albumin, A9524
Iodine I-131 sodium iodide capsule, A9517, A9528
Iodine I-131 sodium iodide solution, A9529-A9531
Iodine I-131 tositumomab, A9544-A9545
Iodine Iobenguane sulfate I-131, A9508
Iodine swabs/wipes, A4247
 system, E1592
IPPB machine, E0500
Ipratropium bromide, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7644, J7645
Irinotecan, J9206
Iron Dextran, J1751, J1752
Iron sucrose, J1756
Irrigation solution for bladder calculi, Q2004
Irrigation supplies, A4320-A4322, A4355, A4397-A4400
Irrigation/evacuation system, bowel
 control unit, E0350
 disposable supplies for, E0352
Isoetharine HCL, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7647, J7648
Isoetharine HCL, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7649, J7650
Isolates, B4150, B4152
Isoproterenol HCL, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7657, J7658
Isoproterenol HCL, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7659, J7660
IV pole, each, E0776, K0105
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