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Pacemaker monitor, E0610, E0615
Paclitaxel protein-bound particles, J9264
Paclitaxel, J9265
 gel pressure, E0185, E0196
 heat, E0210, E0215, E0217, E0238, E0249
 orthotic device interface, E1820
 sheepskin, E0188, E0189
 water circulating cold with pump, E0218
 water circulating heat with pump, E0217
 water circulating heat unit, E0249
Pail, for use with commode chair, E0167
Palate, prosthetic implant, L8618
Palifermin, J2425
Palonosetron HCl, J2469
Pamidronate disodium, J2430
Pan, for use with commode chair, E0167
Panitumumab, J9303
Papanicolaou (Pap) screening smear, P3000, P3001, Q0091
Papaverine HCl, J2440
Paraffin bath unit, E0235
Paraffin, A4265
Parenteral nutrition
 administration kit, B4224
 pump, B9004, B9006
 solution, B4164-B5200
 supply kit, B4220, B4222
Paricalcitol, J2501
Parking fee, nonemergency transport, A0170
Paste, conductive, A4558
Pathology and laboratory tests, miscellaneous, P9010-P9615
Patient support system, E0636
PEFR, peak expiratory flow rate meter, A4614
Pegademase bovine, J2504
Pegaptanib, J2503
Pegaspargase, J9266
Pegfilgrastim, J2505
Pelvic belt/harness/boot, E0944
Pemetrexed, J9305
G benzathine/G benzathine and penicillin G procaine, J0530-J0580
G potassium, J2540
G procaine, aqueous, J2510
Pentamidine isethionate, J2545, J7676
Pentastarch, 10% solution, J2513
Pentazocine HCl, J3070
Pentobarbital sodium, J2515
Pentostatin, J9268
Percussor, E0480
Percutaneous access system, A4301
Perflexane lipid microspheres, Q9955
Perflutren lipid microspheres, Q9957
Periapical service, D3410-D3470
Periodontal procedures, D4000-D4999
Peroneal strap, L0980
Peroxide, A4244
Perphenazine, J3310
Personal care services, T1019-T1021
Pessary, A4561, A4562
Phenobarbital sodium, J2560
Phentolamine mesylate, J2760
Phenylephrine HCl, J2370
Phenytoin sodium, J1165
Phisohex solution, A4246
Photofrin, see Porfimer sodium
Phototherapy light, E0202
Phytonadione, J3430
Pillow, cervical, E0943
Pin retention (per tooth), D2951
Pinworm examination, Q0113
 single donor, fresh frozen, P9017
 multiple donor, pooled, frozen, P9023
Plastazote, L3002, L3252, L3253, L3265, L5654-L5658
 concentrate, each unit, P9019
 rich plasma, each unit, P9020
Platform attachment
 forearm crutch, E0153
 walker, E0154
Plicamycin, J9270
Plumbing, for home ESRD equipment, A4870
 appliance, E0655-E0673, L4350-L4380
 compressor, E0650-E0652
 splint, L4350-L4380
 ventricular assist device, Q0480-Q0505
Pneumatic nebulizer
 administration set, small volume, filtered, A7006
 administration set, small volume, nonfiltered, A7003
 administration set, small volume, nonfiltered, non-disposable, A7005
 small volume, disposable, A7004
Pontics, D6210-D6252
Porfimer, J9600
 equipment transfer, R0070-R0076
 hemodialyzer system, E1635
 x-ray equipment, Q0092
Positioning seat, T5001
Positive airway pressure device, accessories, A7030-A7039, E0561-E0562
Positive expiratory pressure device, E0484
Post-coital examination, Q0115
Postural drainage board, E0606
Potassium chloride, J3480
Potassium hydroxide (KOH) preparation, Q0112
 fecal collection, A4330
 ostomy, A4375-A4378, A5051-A5054, A5061-A5065
 urinary, A4379-A4383, A5071-A5075
Pralidoxime chloride, J2730
 acetate, J2650
 oral, J7506, J7510
Prednisone, J7506
Prefabricated crown, D2930-D2933
Preparation kits, dialysis, A4914
Preparatory prosthesis, L5510-L5595
 chemotherapy, J8999
 nonchemotherapy, J8499
 alarm, dialysis, E1540
 pad, A4640, E0180-E0199
Preventive dental procedures, D1000-D1999
Procainamide HCl, J2690
Prochlorperazine, J0780
Prolotherapy, M0076
Promazine HCl, J2950
Promethazine and meperdine, J2180
Promethazine HCl, J2550
Propranolol HCl, J1800
 artificial larynx battery/accessory, L8505
 auricular, D5914
 breast, L8000-L8035, L8600
 eye, L8610, L8611, V2623-V2629
 fitting, L5400-L5460, L6380-L6388
 foot/ankle one piece system, L5979
 hand, L6000-L6020, L6025
 implants, L8600-L8690
 larynx, L8500
 lower extremity, L5700-L5999, L8640-L8642
 mandible, L8617
 maxilla, L8616
 maxillofacial, provided by a non-physician, L8040-L8048
 miscellaneous service, L8499
 obturator, D5931-D5933, D5936
 ocular, V2623-V2629
 repair of, L7520, L8049
 socks (shrinker, sheath, stump sock), L8400-L8485
 taxes, orthotic/prosthetic/other, L9999
 tracheo-esophageal, L8507-L8509
 upper extremity, L6000-L6999
 vacuum erection system, L7900
Prosthetic additions
 lower extremity, L5610-L5999
 upper extremity, L6600-L7405
Prosthodontic procedure
 fixed, D6200-D6999
 removable, D5000-D5899
Protamine sulfate, J2720
Protectant, skin, A6250
Protector, heel or elbow, E0191
Protein C Concentrate, J2724
Protirelin, J2725
Pulp capping, D3110, D3120
Pulpotomy, D3220
 vitality test, D0460
Pulse generator, E2120
 alternating pressure pad, E0182
 ambulatory infusion, E0781
 ambulatory insulin, E0784
 blood, dialysis, E1620
 breast, E0602-E0604
 enteral infusion, B9000, B9002
 external infusion, E0779
 heparin infusion, E1520
 implantable infusion, E0782, E0783
 implantable infusion, refill kit, A4220
 infusion, supplies, A4230, A4232
 negative pressure wound therapy, K0538
 parenteral infusion, B9004, B9006
 suction, portable, E0600
 water circulating pad, E0236
Purification system, E1610, E1615
Pyridoxine HCl, J3415
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