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36 Operations on vessels of heart
Includes: sternotomy (median) (transverse) as operative approach
thoracotomy as operative approach
Code also any:
cardiopulmonary bypass, if performed [extracorporeal circulation] [heart-lung machine] (39.61)
injection or infusion of platelet inhibitor (99.20)
injection or infusion of thrombolytic agent (99.10)
36.1 Bypass anastomosis for heart revascularization
Note: Do not assign codes from series 00.40-00.43 with codes from series 36.10-36.19
Code also : cardiopulmonary bypass [extracorporeal circulation] [heart-lung machine] (39.61)
pressurized treatment of venous bypass graft [conduit] with pharmaceutical substance, if performed (00.16)
36.2 Heart revascularization by arterial implant
Implantation of:
aortic branches [ascending aortic branches] into heart muscle
blood vessels into myocardium
internal mammary artery [internal thoracic artery] into:
heart muscle
ventricular wall
Indirect heart revascularization NOS
36.9 Other operations on vessels of heart
Code also cardiopulmonary bypass [extracorporeal circulation] [heart-lung machine] (39.61)
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