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78 Other operations on bones, except facial bones
operations on:
accessory sinuses (22.00-22.9)
facial bones (76.01-76.99)
joint structures (80.00-81.99)
nasal bones (21.00-21.99)
skull (01.01-02.99)
The following fourth-digit subclassification is for use with categories in section 78 to identify the site. Valid fourth- digit categories are in [brackets] under each code.
0 unspecified site
1 scapula, clavicle, and thorax [ribs and sternum]
2 humerus
3 radius and ulna
4 carpals and metacarpals
5 femur
6 patella
7 tibia and fibula
8 tarsals and metatarsals
9 other
Pelvic bones
Phalanges (of foot) (of hand)
78.0 Bone graft
bank graft
graft (autogenous) (heterogenous)
That with debridement of bone graft site (removal of sclerosed, fibrous or necrotic bone or tissue)
Transplantation of bone
Code also any excision of bone for graft (77.70-77.79)
that for bone lengthening (78.30-78.39)
78.1 Application of external fixator device
Fixator with insertion of pins/wires/screws into bone
Code also any type of fixator device, if known (84.71-84.73)
other immobilization, pressure, and attention to wound (93.51-93.59)
78.2 Limb shortening procedures
Epiphyseal stapling
Open epiphysiodesis
Percutaneous epiphysiodesis
78.3 Limb lengthening procedures
Bone graft with or without internal fixation devices or osteotomy
Distraction technique with or without corticotomy/osteotomy
Code also any application of an external fixation device (78.10-78.19)
78.4 Other repair or plastic operations on bone
Other operation on bone NEC
Repair of malunion or nonunion fracture NEC
application of external fixation device (78.10-78.19)
limb lengthening procedures (78.30-78.39)
limb shortening procedures (78.20-78.29)
osteotomy (77.3)
reconstruction of thumb (82.61-82.69)
repair of pectus deformity (34.74)
repair with bone graft (78.00-78.09)
78.5 Internal fixation of bone without fracture reduction
Internal fixation of bone (prophylactic)
Reinsertion of internal fixation device
Revision of displaced or broken fixation device
arthroplasty and arthrodesis (81.00-81.85)
bone graft (78.00-78.09)
limb shortening procedures (78.20-78.29)
that for fracture reduction (79.10-79.19,79.30-79.59)
78.6 Removal of implanted devices from bone
External fixator device (invasive)
Internal fixation device
Removal of bone growth stimulator (invasive)
Removal of internal limb lengthening device
Removal of pedicle screw(s) used in spinal fusion
removal of cast, splint, and traction device (Kirschner wire) (Steinmann pin) (97.88)
removal of posterior spinal motion preservation (facet replacement, pedicle-based dynamic stabilization, interspinous process) device(s) (80.09)
removal of skull tongs or halo traction device (02.95)
78.7 Osteoclasis
78.8 Diagnostic procedures on bone, not elsewhere classified
biopsy of bone (77.40-77.49)
magnetic resonance imaging (88.94)
microscopic examination of specimen from bone (91.51-91.59)
radioisotope scan (92.14)
skeletal x-ray (87.21-87.29, 87.43, 88.21-88.33)
thermography (88.83)
78.9 Insertion of bone growth stimulator
Insertion of:
bone stimulator (electrical) to aid bone healing
osteogenic electrodes for bone growth stimulation
totally implanted device (invasive)
non-invasive (transcutaneous) (surface) stimulator (99.86)
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