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17 Other miscellaneous procedures
17.1 Laparoscopic unilateral repair of inguinal hernia
Excludes: other and open unilateral repair of hernia (53.00 - 53.05)
17.2 Laparoscopic bilateral repair of inguinal hernia
Excludes: other and open bilateral repair of hernia (53.10 - 53.17)
17.3 Laparoscopic partial excision of large intestine
Excludes: other and open partial excision of large intestine (45.71-45.79)
17.4 Robotic assisted procedures
Computer assisted robotic surgery
Computer-enhanced robotic surgery
Robotic procedure with computer assistance
Surgeon-controlled robotic surgery
Code first primary procedure
Excludes: computer assisted surgery (00.31-00.35, 00.39)
Note: This category includes use of a computer console with (3-D) imaging, software, camera(s), visualization and instrumentation combinedwith the use of robotic arms, device(s), or system(s) at the time of the procedure.
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